Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Today's Memory:

I think it may have been my senior year? Anyway, Sean, Tom and I bought a bunch of rafts and this time we were rafting outside of Howarth park. We had sombreros on because it was hot, and I think we had some McChickens too. We paddled pretty far out and we saw something floating in the water. Tom thought it was a dirty sock, I thought it was a seal fin, sean who was in a seperate raft but tethered to us was sent to investigate. . .

It was a decapitated goosehead. He lifted it with his paddle and just said "aHhhh!!" we got out of there and started laughing. So we then named each other, I was captain seal fin, tom was captain dirty sock, and sean was captain goosehead.

Good day.

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