Saturday, July 31, 2010

I would be happy with these 2 cars


You are the sunshine of my life

That's why I'll always be around

You are the apple of my eye

Forever you'll stay in my heart

I feel like this is the beginning

'though I've loved you for a million years

And if I thought our love was ending

I'd find myself drowning in my own tears

Whoa whoa

You are the sunshine of my life

That's why I'll always stay around

You are the apple of my eye

Forever you'll stay in my heart

You must have known that I was lonely

Because you came to my rescue

And I know that this must be heaven

How could so much love be inside of you?

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Monday, July 26, 2010

There is so much life to look forward to! : )

Sunday, July 25, 2010

72 tips for better writing

Ink and paper are sometimes passionate lovers
~Terri Guillemets

From the huffington post, it's a good read for anyone really.

1. Become a blogger.

2. Use self-imposed word limits.

3. Accept all forms of criticism and learn to grow from it.

4. Read what you've written over and over, until you can't find any more problems.

5. Show what you write to a trusted friend for feedback.

6. Outline. And then write to that outline.

7. Edit, and edit again.

8. Live with passion.

9. Be open, curious, present, and engaged.

10. Take a break between writing and editing.

11. Learn a new word a day.

12. Get the pen and fingers moving.

13. Write in different genres: blog posts, poems, short stories, essays.

14. Read grammar books.

15. Write without distractions.

16. Challenge yourself: write in a crowded cafe, write on the toilet, write for 24 hours straight.

17. Take a trip. Road trips, beach trips, bus trips, plane trips.

18. Watch movies. Can you write the story better?

19. Write. And then write some more.

20. Read, think, read, write, ponder, write - and read some more.

21. Read your stuff aloud to anyone who can stand it - including the cat.

22. Go back and cut 10% from your word count.

23. Talk to people.

24. Listen to how people talk.

25. Read lots of books. Both good and bad.

26. Make notes of your (fleeting) brilliant ideas.

27. Start your writing ahead of time - not hours before a deadline.

28. Listen to podcasts on writing tips.

29. Use simple, declarative sentences.

30. Avoid passive voice.

31. Limit your use of adjectives and adverbs.

32. When in doubt, cut it out.

33. Kill clunky sentences.

34. Be inspired by other art forms - music, dance, sculpture, painting.

35. Read your old stuff and acknowledge how far you've come - and how far you have to go.

36. Write for publication, even if it's only for the local newsletter or a small blog.

37. Make writing your priority in the morning.

38. Keep squeezing words out even if you feel uninspired.

39. Tell everyone: "I'm a writer."

40. Recognize your fear and overcome it.

41. Let your articles rest and then return to them with fresh eyes.

42. Comment on your favorite blogs.

43. Keep a journal to keep the writing juices flowing.

44. Use a journal to sort out your thoughts and feelings.

45. Keep it simple.

46. Practice monotasking. Set a timer for uninterrupted writing.

47. Watch people.

48. Get to know someone different from you and reflect on the experience.

49. Try new ideas or hobbies - the more variety you have in your life, the more likely you are to keep on generating good ideas on the page.

50. Read works from different cultures. It helps keep your writing from tasting stale in the mouths of your readers.

51. Rethink what is 'normal'.

52. Work on brilliant headlines.

53. Check if your assumptions are right.

54. Join a writing group. If you can't find one, form one.

55. Write during your most productive hours of the day.

56. Designate time to research.

57. Take time to muse and mindmap.

58. Map out a writing schedule for your project and stick to it.

59. Ask someone else to proofread.
60. Read Zinsser's On Writing Well at least once a year.

61. Break out of your comfort zone.

62. Write at the scene. If you want to write about a beach, get a picnic rug and go write by the sea.

63. Go to the supermarket, the ball game, the class room, the building site. Make notes of the sensuous details, the atmosphere, the people.

64. Start with metaphors and stories.

65. Approach writing with gratitude, not just with a 'must do this' attitude.

66. Deconstruct and analyze books and articles you enjoy.

67. Know about story architecture. Many writers don't. Which is like doing heart surgery or flying an airliner by intuition. Survival rates are low.

68. Socialize with other writers.

69. Stretch or exercise in between writing.

70. Make a note of ideas for further development before you leave a piece for tomorrow.

71.Use mindmaps for inspiration.

72. Take risks - don't be afraid to shock. You are not who you think you are.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

3 memories today:

1. I remember when my old apartment was 100% dialed in.

2. I remember my brother was little and he wanted a cat really bad, but he was allergic.

3. I remember when I was in 4th grade and the first snow of the year was on my birthday.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

(photo by me)

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Today's memory:

An orange eclipse I saw out on the field in the back of lowell elementary at some sock-hopped themed dance thing.

It was pretty neat.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Fly away, high away

Good news! They are putting pianos up all over Everett!! YEAAAaaAHhhHhHhHhhhhhHHH!!

Today's Memory:

I remember my room in Bremerton. It was really awesome. I think I'll buy that house one day.

Monday, July 19, 2010

"Quantity has a quality all it's own"
(world's largest ice sculpture)

STP and such

Seattle to Portland:

This year I rode alone. I did pretty okay considering I didn't train at all and I still managed to finish in one day. Next year I really want to do it with people I know, and if I can't put that together I will try to make next year's the fastest I've done. . . or maybe I wont. I still want to climb Rainier, navigate the coastal marine trail, and accomplish various other goals that have hit the wayside. I'll decide next year, a lot can happen in one year.


The first 100 miles were kinda crap, I didn't know if I was going to finish, it was really cold, I was kinda mad about having a late-start and having to spend money on a helmet since i forgot mine, I was also kinda gassy. After that though, the sun broke through and my legs were feeling fine. It was pretty fun from miles 100 - 175. The last 25 were pretty shit though, I was tired and felt gross and it was on HWY 30 which is totally lame.

This year they changed the route once you got into Portland. It was wierd because for all the years prior I had no frame of reference with that town, but since spending so much time there with Alexis I've seen plenty of it. So biking through this year everything was very familiar.

It was really nice seeing my Mom, Dad, Alexis, and Zoe at the finish line. It was also nice seeing Sadie, Dave, and Adrian later too. I had Carl's Junior for the first time, and it was pretty yummy. Then I rode home with Alexis & Adrian. I slept half the way there and I was up for the rest of ride home. I ended up going to bed past 3:30 where I could officially say I had been up for 24 hours. It was a long day. The next day I went to work.

Big Highlights:

1. no flats or mechanical issues
2. no crashes
3. no injuries
4. they had pizza and chocolate milk this year
5. the route into town is much nicer than years prior

Sincerest thanks to those who supported me! It makes me feel so happy!

And now for 6 memories:

1. The purple foam tires on my first scooter
2. My first R-rated movie - Terminator 2
3. The time I made a cooking video for 7th grade
4. The very first time I walked into 2310 Hoyt
5. A green and white polo I would wear in 3rd Grade
6. My very first paycheck

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Over 100 years ago
 You could still ride bikes
You could still drink bourbon
You could still smoke cigars
You could still hear pianos

I think of all the inventions over the last 100 years I would miss Jazz the most.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

3 memories

1. The first time I heard Ms. Hansen sing Amazing Grace (just after 9/11 - she owns that song)

2. One time I caught my best friend in duck/duck goose in like 2nd grade. He was way faster I just never gave up.

3. The carrots and ranch that they used in Code 10 summer activity program.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Every picture of you has been when you were younger.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Honor your commitments with integrity.
-Les Brown
5 memories today:

1. the amount of spider crabs in bremerton, and going under the bridge to find them.

2. the very first time I had sushi.

3. riding bikes down at lowell elementary.

4. cup-o-noodle and cartoons after school

5. Dragon Warrior on NES


Thursday Friday - was tooooo spectacular to cover. Climbed a mountain, hopped in lake, went under a waterfall, took the newly refurbished hyper comfortable tandem out, swam in a river, paddled a surfboard up a river, had a cigar or 2, played some piano, cleaned some stuff up, hit up scuttlebutts happy hour on bicycles, and tomorrow I get to play a show! Very productive days off and plenty of beautiful quality people to share it with too.

Friday, July 9, 2010

Dear Summer: Continue to be this wonderful.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

The Tiger

I am the delightful Paradox.
All the world is my stage.
I set new trails ablaze,
I seek the unattainable,
and try the untried.
I dance to life’s music
in happy abandon.
Come with me on my carousel rides.
See the myriad of colors,
the flickering lights.
All hail me the unparalleled performer.


Alexis sent me this, it's pretty funny to read especially if you know me.

The Tiger is rebellious and reckless by nature. A restless, fun-seeking entertainer at heart, he loves to be the center of attention. He is the spontaneous decision maker, and rarely thinks before he acts. He speaks his mind loudly and rails at what he sees as unjust. His passion, fearlessness and zest for enjoying the good life attracts many loyal followers and admirers. Everything about him seems larger than life. He’s always the life of the party, and everyone wants him around.

Tiger’s rebellious nature can sometimes get him into trouble. He always speaks his mind and is very articulate. You will always know where you stand with him. The stronger his convictions on a particular issue, the louder he becomes. He’s not fond of rules and hates to be told what to do. He must express himself to figure out who he is, and usually makes up his own rules as he goes along. Tiger always does what he wants to do ... when, where and how he wants to do it. His outrageous and audacious behaviors coupled with his outright rebellion against rules and restrictions can lead to a high risk lifestyle. Learning to curb this behavior and use his rebellion in moderation is a lesson Tiger must learn in this life.

The high energy and powerful emotions of Tiger are captivating. It’s hard not to be taken in by the optimism and pure love of life that Tiger enjoys. His passion and willingness to try new things make him an interesting partner in life and love. Tiger is a true romantic, at heart. He is both passionate and sentimental, while still being playful and fun. You will never be bored if he gets his way! But with his high passions comes high emotions and in times of stress, he can be unreliable. The Tiger also has a suspicious nature, and is prone to being over-possessive and argumentative when jealous.

Even though Tiger tends to be flamboyant and flashy, he is very fashion-conscious. He knows how to dress to impress. He is constantly changing his hairstyle or wardrobe to keep up with the times. He likes to experiment, and will likely try all sorts of different styles and techniques to improve his appearance. Due to his love of being on center stage, he also makes a very charming host. He will dazzle his guests will his wit and humor, outrageous stories and his excellent sense of style.

For the Tiger, all the world is his stage. He wants to experience everything, and throughout his life, will do all he can to do so. Tiger rarely sits still, and detests inactivity. He throws himself into everything he does whole-heartedly, but often acts on his impulses, and is very unpredictable and impatient. Because of his unpredictable nature, and his love of rash and impulsive decisions, the Tiger will find it hard to be an objective leader. However, his ability to influence people makes him a desired and sought after addition to any team.

When Tiger is down, he will require lots of sympathy and consoling, but make sure you’re sincere. Tiger will scoff loudly if he’s feeling placated. Being the eternal optimist, Tiger will eventually pull himself out of his gloom and gracefully move on to his next challenge or adventure. No matter what the odds, Tiger never gives up. Once he has sufficiently licked his wounds, he will return with all the vivaciousness of his old self, and attack the world head-on again.

The Tiger has a huge ego and a quick temper. The smallest things will set him off, while bigger issues aren’t given even the slightest response. When angered, he can be the pettiest and meanest of people, and will often respond and react without any thought to the consequences. There will be no reasoning or logic accepted when his ego has been injured, and he can be completely selfish without even realizing it. You will find him quite stubborn and completely unwilling to consider anyone else's viewpoint when he feels slighted or hurt. But just as quickly as it comes, once Tiger’s anger has been vented it will quickly dissipate.

Tiger is also a very warm, caring and sympathetic person. He loves animals and babies, and is excellent with both. He will gladly care for a sick or abandoned animal, and will be the biggest champion of any endangered species. You will likely find Tiger’s house filled with lots of spoiled and well-loved pets. As for his children, he will spoil them when they deserve it, but will make sure all household rules are followed and respected. He will quickly reward their good behavior generously with treats, spontaneous outings and praise. Sometimes you will find he will even bend the rules a little for them.

The Tiger counts on his luck and his effect on others to get him through life. His life will be full of emotions, and will sometimes feel like a roller coaster, but that is what makes him thrive. His impulsive acts and pursuits of success will bring him both regrets and fond memories throughout his entire life. To be truly happy, Tiger must learn to think before he speaks or acts, and learn that it is alright to slow down occasionally and not always be the center of attention. His biggest successes will come through his optimism, his sheer tenacity and unwillingness to give up on anything.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010


Yes Please

Today my mom is 55
(Taken in Venice)

Today's Memory:

This one isn't a specific memory it's more of a collection I guess. Ever since I can remember my mom has always looked the same to me. If I travel back to my furthest memories she still looks the same as she does now, only she was taller back then. My mom is fairly short, but she's tough. When I came to visit her this morning she was up trimming some hedges dressed up in landscaping gear. I asked how old she was and she said, "55". I said, "that's not that old." She replied, "Oh Ian, it's very old, ohhh don't forget we have pictures to take today. I love you, be careful!"

I don't know what I'm supposed to be careful of, but okay! Happy Birthday Mom, you're so the coolest Filipina ever.

Maligayang Bati!

Monday, July 5, 2010


today's memory

When I was really little and I lived on Camano Island I went to sunday school. I was too young to read proficiently so when called upon to answer a question my older brother would help me. Anyway, the coolest part about sunday school was the snacks. They would serve cheddar cheese. I would negotiate with other members of the school for their cheese and eat my brothers cheese too. I would eat so much cheese that occasionally I would throw up from eating too much cheese. Eventually they limited my intake of cheese.

The Queen

Knows how to dress.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Filipino-American Friendship Day, July 4, is a day in the Philippines designated by President Diosdado Macapagal to commemorate the liberation of the country by joint Filipino and American forces from the Japanese occupation at the end of World War II.

The Philippines was a U.S. territory from 1898 to 1941, when it was occupied by Japanese forces, and again by Americans for a brief period after the war. The country gained complete independence on July 4, 1946.

Initially, the nation's Independence Day holiday (Araw ng Kalayaan) was held on July 4. Former President Diosdado Macapagal moved it to June 12, the date on which the Philippines had declared independence from Spain in 1898. Filipino-American Friendship Day was created in its place, and it coincides with the United States's Independence Day on July 4th.
This picture came up when I typed in "Lobster Grill" to google.
"I am going to come and burn the fucking house down... but you will blow me first."
(as said to his pregnant wife via telephone) 
today's memory:

Hitting can's off of Sean's tree fort with our airsoft guns.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

You can out-distance that which is running after you, but not what is running inside you.
(Rwandan Proverb)

I'm not a big Starbucks fan, but I'm feeling old school today, and I used to get these a lot. So today I'm having one! Green Tea Frap!

Today's Memory

The very first 4th of July that I worked in the business we grilled steaks and ate potato salad. Meanwhile nobody came to the dealership because it was the 4th of July.

4th of July Weekend!

Friday, July 2, 2010

today's memories

yesterday's: the airhorn. once sean and I had an airhorn ask for details.

Today's: Alexis ( and I dug up sea-life on jetty island. We packed a picnic, soaked in the sun, and played on the beach. :)