Monday, July 19, 2010

STP and such

Seattle to Portland:

This year I rode alone. I did pretty okay considering I didn't train at all and I still managed to finish in one day. Next year I really want to do it with people I know, and if I can't put that together I will try to make next year's the fastest I've done. . . or maybe I wont. I still want to climb Rainier, navigate the coastal marine trail, and accomplish various other goals that have hit the wayside. I'll decide next year, a lot can happen in one year.


The first 100 miles were kinda crap, I didn't know if I was going to finish, it was really cold, I was kinda mad about having a late-start and having to spend money on a helmet since i forgot mine, I was also kinda gassy. After that though, the sun broke through and my legs were feeling fine. It was pretty fun from miles 100 - 175. The last 25 were pretty shit though, I was tired and felt gross and it was on HWY 30 which is totally lame.

This year they changed the route once you got into Portland. It was wierd because for all the years prior I had no frame of reference with that town, but since spending so much time there with Alexis I've seen plenty of it. So biking through this year everything was very familiar.

It was really nice seeing my Mom, Dad, Alexis, and Zoe at the finish line. It was also nice seeing Sadie, Dave, and Adrian later too. I had Carl's Junior for the first time, and it was pretty yummy. Then I rode home with Alexis & Adrian. I slept half the way there and I was up for the rest of ride home. I ended up going to bed past 3:30 where I could officially say I had been up for 24 hours. It was a long day. The next day I went to work.

Big Highlights:

1. no flats or mechanical issues
2. no crashes
3. no injuries
4. they had pizza and chocolate milk this year
5. the route into town is much nicer than years prior

Sincerest thanks to those who supported me! It makes me feel so happy!

And now for 6 memories:

1. The purple foam tires on my first scooter
2. My first R-rated movie - Terminator 2
3. The time I made a cooking video for 7th grade
4. The very first time I walked into 2310 Hoyt
5. A green and white polo I would wear in 3rd Grade
6. My very first paycheck

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