Tuesday, June 1, 2010

shoes & feet

-Pair of your own-

If you had my shoes
shined and polished
clipped into a bicycle
tattered from stride
rested on a piano's pedal
How would you treat my feet?

Would you wear a suit that day?
Would you ride a century to your favorite island?
Would you run across bridges to the next town over?
Would your hands somersault across the ivory for a bit?

These shoes have danced on cliffs on mountains on islands in castles above oceans
I've lent a few pairs here and there, hoping to replace sighs with cares and tries and dares
And I've seen them replace bitter with sweet walking with glittler into neat suites with clean sheets.
These are the fruits of well-traveled work boots worn with a tie tucked behind three piece suits.

How long could you relish those fruits?
And how long could you keep them ripe?
And how could you possibly lose your boots?
How could you possibly trade ripe for tripe?

I shouldn't be confused when I see fruit fall off the tree not making it to seed.
I shouldn't be melancholic when a pummeled peach plummets ferments and turns alcoholic.
It's nature.
Naturally though I've never enjoyed seeing something turn to nothing.
And fortunately though for every hollowed piddly peach,
I have bountiful orchards and orange groves ahead and behind.

Run before you walk if you try these shoes, that's their only speed.
You weren't supposed to last a day in my garden barefoot.
That's why I lent out pairs,
Hoping to inspire you all beyond fail.

And I shouldn't be confused, melancholic, and
surprised to see all of you fall
After all I've only ever seen you crawl.

So when I lose my shoes and you're sucking menthol
Laughing at my off the rocker downfall
Feeling good finally making sense of it all
Fortifying foundations for your stonewalls
Being as cold as whitewalls of winter snowfall
I'll still be laughing and dancing through it all.


This is not how I treat my feet
I'll lace back up and race tomorrow

How would you treat my feet?
You would treat them like yours.
Carelessly, aimlessly, and without a pair of your own.


I wrote this the other day just trying to sort out some feelings.

Hello june, may you were wierd. BIG FINISH!!! And I had the most incredible day/night yesterday. I'm back in action, wahoo!