Monday, June 7, 2010

31 things

“It is during our darkest moments that we must focus to see the light.” – Aristotle

The other night Alexis and I ran out of gas on 405. It was entirely my fault because I refuse to fix my broken gas gauge. Alexis was remarkably calm for it being pouring down rain, in the middle of night, on the sideway of an accident-prone freeway. That's just one of her personality traits though, if shits the fan, she takes action, she doesn't panic, and she remains calm and collected. It's a rare trait for anybody, let alone a 19 year-old girl. One of the many reasons she's so important to me.

Anyway I felt very disparaged so I decided to write down 31 things to help me refocus. There are a few redundancies here and there but you'll see how I wrote it word for word.

31 things:

1. 3 big runs a week

2. breakfast + piano and trumpet + lunch

3. a book a month with notes

4. bike to work when weather permits

5. be the first to arrive

6. write down who is important to you

7. strengthen those relationships

8. if something is holding you back, cut the ties

9. work with more focus

10. write down a cherished memory daily

11. endurance is the ultimate strength

12. buy a stand-up paddle board

13. new running shoes

14. lentil soup/wild rice recipe

15. trim the fat and refocus

16. who loves you?

17. host a classy invite only party every 2 months

18. commit to 40/20/10 (sit ups, push ups, pull ups)

19. send out one piece of snail mail daily

20. start (include bio, hobbies, work, contact)

21. new dress shoes, brown and black

22. buy more vests

23. score an awesome gig for the band

24. get into steel cut oats

25. climb a mountain or 2 this summer

26. work hard to break the grind

27. don’t take things so personally, people suck, it’s always been that way

28. I HAVE A FUTURE TO BUILD – one with a beautiful family eventually

29. self-improvement is necessary, fun, and a core to my foundation

30. this is so very important

31. shop for clothes before every haircut

I had a big run this morning, and I plan to do plenty tonight, but right now I'll write down a cherished memory. I want to write down my favorite memories because lately it feels like more of them are getting fainter and fainter.

During the summer while training for the marathon I used to run from Snohomish to my parents house in Everett. I would run down homeacres road and across the trestle. One time while running I rounded the corner at home acres and a bunch of cows started running once they saw me running. Then when I got on the trestle I saw 2 seals swimming up the river.

I'll have more stimulating memories I'll post as time goes on.

pictures by me. The bottom is not a mirror.


running to the garage from my parent's house. I'm leaving at 5.

That's colby during that bizarre snow storm we had some time ago. I can't believe how time is progressing lately. It feels completely non-linear.

8 more days and 2010 is half gone.