Tuesday, July 6, 2010


Yes Please

Today my mom is 55
(Taken in Venice)

Today's Memory:

This one isn't a specific memory it's more of a collection I guess. Ever since I can remember my mom has always looked the same to me. If I travel back to my furthest memories she still looks the same as she does now, only she was taller back then. My mom is fairly short, but she's tough. When I came to visit her this morning she was up trimming some hedges dressed up in landscaping gear. I asked how old she was and she said, "55". I said, "that's not that old." She replied, "Oh Ian, it's very old, ohhh don't forget we have pictures to take today. I love you, be careful!"

I don't know what I'm supposed to be careful of, but okay! Happy Birthday Mom, you're so the coolest Filipina ever.

Maligayang Bati!