Sunday, August 8, 2010

black veins are running through sparkling granite
while holes in the earth are smoldering.
we've decapitated these mountains to burn them.
we've slaved people to plunge this smokiness
knowing they will come out black and beaten.
knowing that some are marching into a tomb.

all just for shiny rocks and condensed firewood?!

this kind of madness extends beyond the mines
you can feel the pressures in these "modern times"

and for the first time in my life I've seriously questioned what it's worth

My curiousity piqued when I saw two real jewels sparkle.
I found them glowing on a beach in a dream wrapped in a nocturne.
and maybe that's why life has ceased to make any sense.

there are no mansions
no five car garages
no watch collections
no manicured lawns
no applauses
no fucking lumps of coal

there are no things that can compare to the gems on each side of your nose.

I already have diamonds complimenting one marvelous pearl waiting at home.
these are the only precious stones that make me gleam.
and I don't need to go mining for them.

Chinese: Choral Tribute to Lily Allen by Capital Children's Choir