Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Can you believe it's already November? I am going to be 24. There's a few shows to play this month and Thanksgiving so it's going to be busy busy busy. As for right now I don't have to worry about busy. My girlfriend is sleeping soundly next to me. When she wakes up we are going to go walking around town then we are going to make a B-line to Harrison Hot Springs. 

In Canada people are very friendly. Last night we just walked up and down the streets and eventually we went to a blues bar and they had a live piano player. Alexis had a few long islands and I had a few whiskey-sevens. It's nice that she can drink in a bar up here. While we were listening we started talking about how funny it is that we are finally dating. It was a multi-year process culminating to a beautiful San Francisco adventure and we haven't looked back. 

oh i think she's waking up, ill finish this post later!
Salesman of the Month.
(my first month)