Sunday, July 17, 2011


Went to work, worked from 8 - 6. Immediately after work I picked up Dave from his work. Then we went to the anchor so I could get my amp and keyboard I left there from open mic. After that we went to the garage, loaded the remaining gear and picked up Tim & Jestin.

Then we headed out towards index. When we arrived it was lighting, and the heaviest rain I've seen in Washington. The place we played was a huuuuge mansion like bed and breakfast. The age group was mainly mid-50's people, and there were also a lot of really really really little kids too. They gave us all we could eat free delicious food, and all we could drink free delicious beer. We played in a kind of cramped spot, but we were doing some very very good playing though. It's always nice to play more intimate settings where older folks dance and just don't care. Also everyone is so close. Like at the New Years party people can just walk up to you. Everyone was having just a silly time. In the midst of a thunderstorm, in the middle of the mountains 6 Everett kids played their own music and people danced. That's some real life wizardry right there.

Some of the band went home, I opted to stay, and so did Dave, Jestin, Aron, and Tim. Tim, Aron, and Jestin visited Anthony who lived 2 miles away from this place, they had planned on crashing there. Dave and I drank beer and sat at the campfire just talking. It was really pleasant. Tim, Aron, and Jestin came back an hour later, and we also BS'ed around the campfire for awhile. At like 3:00 we decided to walk down to the playground. It was sopping wet, the rain had stopped, but everything was soaked. You could hear the river in the background in absolute rage. We played on the monkey bars, slid down the slides on our chests. Hit up the swings, Aron did a back-flip off of one. We were being pretty silly kids.

We stumbled back up the road to the campfire outside of the mansion. It was in a garden, really cute place. I ended up falling asleep perched over the fire. I smell like campfire so heavily right now. I woke up once it got bright at 5:30. Couldn't find my keys, turns out they were in my car where Tim was sleeping. I took a two hour nap, we loaded up, and now I'm home about to shit, shower, shave and go to work.

I don't know of any other age where living like this is possible. We should all make hay while the sun shines, and people need to play more dammit.

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