Monday, July 20, 2015

Photos from Ellensburg to North Bend via the Iron Horse Trail

All these photos are in chronological order:

Beautiful farm property outside of Thorp

My custom long haul trail mix:
dried apples, cranberries, vanilla granola,
peanuts, roasted almonds, fried plantain chips,
and sea salt.

This dog's name is Jeb, he was lost and followed me for 3 miles.
I tried distracting him with a salami sandwich, but he kept following me.
I finally got him to come close, read his tag, called his owner,
and turned around and returned him.  

Between Cle Elum and Thorp

South Cle Elum

This spigot was a godsend. 
I had just about finished through all three water bottles when I got here.
Drank two, filled up all three, and doused myself to combat the 95 degree heat.

After Easton

I literally rolled around in that creek to stay cool. 
Once you hop on the bike, it feels just like A/C for 10 miles or so.

On this trail you will cross the Yakima River Many times.
This was the last time, and the water was crystal clear.

One of the many tunnels

Salami Sandwiches: 
Garlic Bread, Pepperjack Cheese, Salami, and Mustard.
I love this sandwich on rides.

Passed a few people through this loose gravel. 
One of the many reasons to ride a fat bike.

This buck and I had a 5 minute staring contest. 

The Western Tanager one of my favorite Birds

South Lake Keechelus

North Lake Keechelus

Again, I was just about to run out of water when I reached Hyak.
Managed to take a shower and fill all my water bottles, very refreshing.

Snoqualmie Tunnel 
It was crowded with a lot of rude people.

There were a few bridges, and the pictures don't capture the height.

After this point I was pretty tired and stopped taking pictures. 
Was a great trip, highly recommend it. Sparsely populated until you hit Hyak.

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