Sunday, August 21, 2016

72 mile ride to Lake Cle Elum and back - 94 degrees!

Fawn and Mama
(this piece of property was once owned by the founder of Black Angus)

tucked in the trees to the right is a Primate Sanctuary

Always a good time at The Brick

Almost dumped my can of fix a flat into this old beauty

Was worth riding the fat bike just for this terrain

All this sand and no one else on a fat bike

Lake Cle Elum did not disappoint

Right before leaving I took a dip to cool off!
Also met a 1977 state championship basketball player here who. . .
Was also a EHS seagull!!! What are the odds?

Never knew



Glad i packed extra water

Pristine Yakima River along the JWPT

The birds!

Ran out of water with 10 miles to go, so I ate 4 apples for the moisture.

Was an ethereal ride nearly all on gravel or sand!

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