Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Lion Rock! + First snow

Lion Rock is directly in the center

American Kestrel
Really cool falcon

Still pedaling towards the mountains

This guy has great taste.

Lion Rock is beyond that snow line


I like how this shot looks like a mirror

A horse

Can't believe this is a real road

Great air quality

Ellensburg in the distance

So many colors

Elderberries, delicious.

Very diverse forest

This area is within the Wenatchee National Forest

Peeking back in the valley

Massive Larch

First snow of the season, and rabbit tracks

Air was so clean up there

Part of the Table Mountain Fire at this point

Lion Rock in the background


Weather couldn't make up it's mind

One of my favorite trees in the county

Fungus among us

One continuous beautiful hill

Barn off the Iron Horse Trail on the way home.

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