Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Mission towards Mission Ridge

Start of the ride, Mission Ridge is way off in the background

Couple more weeks and the water is shut off


Deer looking right

finally up on the edge of Naneum Canyon

Forest fire awhile back still a very interesting environment

pano looking east

It was so quiet

Bull thistle getting ready for take off! 

Hard to grasp the steepness

Mt. Rainier in the background

A large bull thistle that has already gone to seed

Was running out of daylight, so I had to turn around
but there's Mission Ridge!

Very steep roads

Verbascum thapsus - Common Mullien
Fuzzier than charmin and biodegrades much faster.

Didn't see anybody the minute I got to the canyon

On the way out

Naneum Creek in the background

Nice little bridge

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