Saturday, December 31, 2016

Quick out and back to Thorp, 21 miles, 6 degrees!

Lot of wood stoves burning today
But what a colorful haze!

Busy otters

This very young juvenile Bald Eagle was already huge!
The black beak tip is a good indicator of age.
Judging by the size I assume it's a she.
Reverse sexual dimorphism is a common trait among raptors.

A month or so ago I took a photo of a adult bald eagle at this spot
This juvenile chased that bird away this morning

Some geese

This is one of my favorite hidden swimming spots
It's called Gladmar Research Area
Tucked away near thorp, never busy.
Bring a snorkel, tons of trout other cool aquatic creatures too!

The area is a slow moving portion of the Yakima River

Just kidding, just a very cool ice formation

Last shot before my fully charged camera battery died
I assume it's because of the single digit temperatures

This was all on or very close to the John Wayne Pioneer Trail

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