Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Winter Solstice Celebration Ride

One of my favorite spots along the Yakima

Quiet, private, good place to meditate

Love riding in the snow, when the ice kicks up everything sparkles

I watched this Blue Heron for awhile, hoping to see it snag a crawdad 

It was on the other side of this creek

Never did see it snatch anything, he was just chillin' 

This park is so great, there's a mountain bike park, frisbee golf course
and I always see some great birds/animals

Out in the farmland now, still plenty of snow

I smile, wave, and say hello to all animals i pass

Beautiful horse

Talk about great property, could you imagine this as your yard?
This is up on Durr Rd, it's an insane climb to get here

But once you're up here, you can see so many mountains

Even Rainier

Had to blaze my own trail at this point, lot of effort

Elk, or big deer

In a constant state of awe and wonder once you reach this place


Wish I could have gotten closer, Rough-Legged Hawk
Winter visitor, dark patches under the wings make for easy identification

Mt. Stuart is the big one to the right, 
coming down the mountain at this point

Trying to smile, but also trying to combat snow blindness

Is there a more beautiful mountain?

Deer family on the way home

Full Circle

Had to fix this flat. Got it patched it up and inflated only to have the valve stem break off.
I think it's because the pump froze to the stem once inflated. 
Anyway, installed a new spare tube and just partially disassembled the pump after the valve.
Didn't want to risk the valve breaking it off again, and it didn't and i made it home.
Frustrating at the end, but still easily one of the best rides I've done out here.

Happy Winter Solstice!
More sun from here on out!

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