Friday, February 26, 2016

39 miles, up to badger pocket then back through canyon rd

Still could not be happier with that pie plate

2 tablespoons of Powdered Peanut butter
makes your trail mix perfect!

Replace the 14t with a 12 --> 12-38t cassette

one of my old cycling water bottles was smelling really rubbery.
I ran this one which has no smell through the dishwasher
with a water bottle cage on it and when it got done
it was form fitted. #diy #cheap

Nice horse property

Could not get close enough, but judging by the tufts there's an owl in there.

Top of  4th parallel Rd 

road was washed out and close to this park 
so I enjoyed the whole thing in silence
Weird to think that was on a dealership somewhere a long time ago

Road closed?

Pano of an engorged Yakima River

Cheapest flat repair/inflator ever. 
This product has saved me twice in the last 2 years.
No tools, dirt cheap, works great.