Saturday, October 29, 2016

107 miles, ellensburg past duvall

I didn't get to take a lot of pictures because it never stopped raining

The tunnels were the only dry spots, it was 15 hours of solid rain

My waterproof gloves really were soaked after 4 hours
I was never cold during the ride because my base layers kept me warm
And even though the gloves were soaked, my hands were still warm in them.

Stump Lake (Lake Keechelus Lake)
If you ever go over I-90 this is the lake on your right if you're headed east.
The John Wayne Backs up against the other side and it's incredibly scenic.

Glorious ending under a safeway picnic table in Duvall.
It was the longest non-road bike ride I've ever done 
and the longest ride in the rain. 

The next day I celebrated Dave's 30th birthday
and in some ways that was even more grueling.

Feels good to be home, my cat George agrees