Saturday, January 28, 2017

27.35 mi 3481ft elevation - 5.5 hours - Durr Rd Radio attempt

Last year that nest was commandeered by a great horned owl family
Pictures of those owlets are somewhere are on a previous blog post

No sunshine today, or a paved trail once off road

Two signs that are always a recipe for fat bike fun

into the great unknown!

Durr rd in the center, gives you an idea of today's topography

One brave soul went before me, with tank treads
never saw the vehicle, but it had to be magnificently overbuilt.

Hah, dig it!

This route is literally uphill both ways
dips into a canyon then back up out of the canyon
repeat on the way back

Umptanum Canyon
(notice the power line on top of the hill, that's how big the hill was)

Weather started to warm up so the snow became way too soft
had to turn around at this point


On top of the otherside of the canyon now

Red tail on the way home

Landing gear! 

I spent countless nights research my ideal camera rig
and it has really paid off

Never been happier with a piece of equipment
with the exception of my Baldwin Model R parlor grand piano

Was a huge ride today, the space needle is 600ft tall
So imagine riding a bike from Everett to Seattle
and the end point is 6 space needles stacked on top of each other

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