Wednesday, January 11, 2017

28.5 snowy energy zapping miles.

Day started off with some serious snow 
so I only packed my 50mm lens (no zoom)

Then weather got better!

Young Alpaca, like a much friendlier Tauntaun

Had to modify this fender for a snug fit, but works perfect!

Today's ride was a lot of this
Fun but energy zapping

On my way to Coleman Creek

I turned around shortly after the cattle-guard
No one had driven through and the snow was just getting too thick 

At one point, this truck was brand new. . .

Lots of Eagles in the valley right now
They like to eat the afterbirth from all the cattle


Off of Brick Mill Rd
Was a very tiring ride just under 30 miles
Snow does make a huge difference in terms of a workout! 

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