Monday, February 27, 2017

53.5 miles - Bald Eagles and more!

Turned around shortly after this because guess what?
It started snowing again!
35 degrees and snow just equates to a sticky cold mess.


Can't wait till this trail is thawed.

This young Bald Eagle put on a show!

All that nutrition

Eagles just camp out at these cattle ranches
I wonder if they did the same for Buffalo back in the day

So much potential

Normally one of my favorite views, but snow/fog. . . 

Beautiful Rough Legged Hawk (winter visitor)

Old dodge in that barn

This Bald Eagle staying true to her fish diet
Bird was massive!

Wonder how that looked brand new

Some parts of the county are very windy
Notice the growth pattern of these conifers

Made it home just before it started snowing real heavy!

Map of today 53.5 miles 2185ft of gain

Friday, February 24, 2017

Muddy conditions


Umptanum Ridge

Lots of mud/snow mix

Love this little stretch of road

Last bit of trail before everything is too soft


36.11 miles 2665ft gain

Sunday, February 19, 2017

Hayward Hill: Nightmare ride.

Got a few blocks away from home 
then decided to turn around to grab a rainshell (smart move!)

That cow had lots of company

Pictures never do heavy snow justice, but at 35 degrees
these flakes were monster and they just kept coming

Very glad for my tires, because I wouldn't have made it up this hill otherwise

Hayward Hill, one of the most dramatic views in the county

It was coming down so hard, so foggy and super soggy.

Just drenched! Thank goodness for layers

Thorp mill on the way back

The eyelashes were so dramatic, had to take a picture

just warm enough for all the muck to stick

Thank goodness for fenders

Hardest part of the ride was hike a biking this mile stretch of the JWPT

An old friend, seen this bird many a time

signs of spring

Never been happier to see Klocke Rd


Almost home, dynamic weather for sure

Under 3 hours, was really quick about it
no fun riding in that kind of slop, well, less fun :)

297.08 mi 11,323.1 ft of elevation for February