Sunday, February 5, 2017

37.5 miles 582ft of elevation, 4.5 hours - In a snow storm!

Cute couples

Tundra Swans and Cackling geese

Some American Coots too

Might be Trumpeters, but they looked a little small
also the beak shape looks tundra-ish
They are hard birds to distinguish

The Yakima River

Heard this Bald Eagle whistle first, then I found him

The Bald eagle is in those three tall trees near the center of the photo



Because it was a snow storm today
I just rode loops around Irene Rinehart
Trail started small, but I beat it down to about 2-3 feet wide

Snowmobile, powered by fruits, nuts, and vegetables.

Far more interesting than any other Falcon today.

Fast bird!

At lunch I dried out a bit, and just parked by the river

More circles

More of the park

Saw this photo, immediately shaved

Not a lot of elevation, but the non-stop snow made for a challenging brisk ride

12.39% of February's 1,000 mile goal complete!
Might have to do some huge rides on the road bike
on the west side to make up for the 28 day month.

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