Saturday, February 4, 2017

40.9 miles 1454ft of elevation 5.5 hours

This is my main ride food, it's trail mix with a 
30% fat, 30% protein, 40% carb ratio
Tested many types of ride food, this mix is my favorite.
It's several different nature box snacks combined together.

Almond butter wrap too, good long haul energy

Mounted the rear tire in reverse for more traction,
works great in deep snow, kind of so so on pavement

Canyon to the left is Naneum, that was today's mission

I saw upwards of a dozen Bald Eagles today
lots of cows giving birth, they swoop down and eat the afterbirth

Looks like this mule had a rough time in prison


Finally got out to the canyon, but the snow was so deep
more of a hike, less of a bike ride at that point

Notice all the Rocky Mountain elk!

Beautiful animals

red-tail at take off

More eagles

Was a good workout, had to scream at two loose dogs that chased me.
A blue heeler nipped my leg, but didn't get through my layers fortunately.
Of all the dogs I've found blue heelers to be the most aggressive.
Whatever, impromptu interval right?
8.64% of February milage goal accomplished.

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