Wednesday, February 1, 2017

45.5 miles, 1539ft of elevation gain, lots of plowing today!

Started at 8:00 am (cwu in background)

was a good workout, had to groom my own trail in parts


Overlooking the Yakima River

One of the many bridges on the John Wayne Pioneer Trail

Huge chunks of ice and fog, made for some dramatic views

Blue Heron hunting through the fog

Gladmar Research Area
Had breakfast 2 bananas and a tube of peanut/flaxbutter

Pano almost came out perfect.

Mt. Stuart
Second largest non-volcanic mountain in Washington State

That canyon is where the fun begins

To give you an idea of the cold, that white stuff is moisture freezing to the bar ends
Also, my eyelashes froze shut numerous times
and my nose froze in on itself once with a deep inhale

This coyote was on the hill, had to do a double take it was a deer
it was a big dog for sure!

Beautiful spring fed ice formation
Was a lot more colorful in person

Bike in corner for size reference!

had to be quick, chunks were hitting my helmet as it was thawing some

Just beautiful!

There's a flowing creek underneath that snow 

occasionally a gust of wind would knock the snow off the branches

Made for some great refraction!

At this point, no cars/truck allowed, sno-park people only

Didn't see a single soul

The only sound was snow falling from the trees
and an occasional rustling from the breeze

Standing on a frozen portion of the creek

Falling snow+direct sunlight

Peering into the creek

Bridge to the Taneum Campground


They plowed the entrance like this so no vehicles can get through

Varied Thrush, just a lovely bird!

On the way out they brought out the groomer :)
Made for a quick ride back with a tailwind

Black-tailed Deer

I see you!

Looked like she was having fun

On the way out now

Gorgeous Rough-Legged Hawk
(Winter visitor only!)

Larger Bird
(C17 Galaxy)

Same hawk buzzing along 


2-3 year old female Bald Eagle

Male Adult Bald Eagle

Hard to see, but the canyon I was in is to the right
of the pole on the left

Sun was my companion the whole trip!

Had a puncture, developed a slow leak
fortunately my new high volume pump saved the day!

Solid day of riding with some of the best scenes this year.

Not bad for 2 bananas, a peanut butter tube, a cup of trail-mix/nuts,
pea protein isolate, and a vitamin B12 supplement.
(all vegan approved)

Cheaper than a gallon of gas and hitting the second wind is always worth it.

5% of my riding goal is done for February.

7 hours and 45 minutes, speed and distance will pick up as the snow thaws

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