Monday, February 6, 2017

6.79 grueling miles - 8 inches dumped last night!

Bunch of snow dumped last night, made one fresh line around Irene Rinehart
and that's all the energy I could muster

Here we see the rear tire with reversed tread
A lot better at acting like a shovel for traction
2 psi in the front, 3 in the back! 
(lowest pressures i can run without the bead becoming unseated)

Pushing a line through all that snow is more exhausting
than riding the steepest hill in Kittitas County

Didn't have the legs for it when I started fat biking
but I do now, felt a little proud of my gradual transformation this morning

Pedaled over a frozen lake

In the summer you never get this park to yourself, today though different story.

Added mass from the snow didn't help the exertion factor

Fat bikes are relatively new
10 years ago I never would have imagined this was possible

Got a reprieve once in the woods
I could follow the trails I laid down yesterday
still a workout, but much less than plowing a new line

Not much wildlife, one Baldy that was it.

13% of February's mileage goal logged.

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