Friday, February 17, 2017

Manastash Canyon

Originally I had planned to go to Cle Elum
but 75ft out of the driveway I took a spill!
Hit my shoulder hard, it hurt! Decided to cut the distance in half
opted for Manastash Canyon instead.

Basalt can be so beautiful!

Even though it's beginning to thaw
still wouldn't swim in Manastash Creek!

Manastash Ridge

Kind sick of this long winter (Laura Ingalls Wilder reference)
But I know once it's triple digit heat again I'll long for the snow

Like this guy's style

This one too!

Another fender added
Belts and Suspenders

Not a very driven road, only a few cabins/homesteads dot the sides

Must be thawing, saw a chipmunk today for the first time in awhile
was hard to pull focus through all the trees

Got pines?

No stairway, denied! (Wayne's World)

Added a little more coverage on the back too
Will clean up the hardware later

Just an amazing place!

36.8 miles 1713ft of Elevation after a shoulder injury to boot :(

270.23 miles for February with 10,513.1 feet of Elevation
(about 17.4 space needles worth of bike climbing)

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