Monday, February 13, 2017

Up Lion Rock!

18 Degrees, 100% humidity to start
I don't think I've ever felt colder on a bike

Wheat macro, with freezing frost

Eyelashes froze a bunch

It was cold, but pretty
(John Wayne Pioneer Trail)

Even my cables grew ice

Finally got enough elevation to get out of the fog

This bird was huge

She was guarding this cattle ranch

Honestly this just looks like a recipe for broken drivelines

This place is my favorite in the entire county.

Once on the mountain had to take many layers off, the climb was so hot



in the fog out there is the starting point

Getting tired.

Smallest mammal prints I've seen
size of a quarter


Airing out

Rainier again

snowmobile tracks

Same eagle on the way back

Rough legged

Full circle

Much better sans fog

Will put maps elevation etc later
Going to split pea it up and nap.

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