Monday, April 24, 2017

owl + radio tower

Great Horned Owl
This morning off the John Wayne Trail

Durr Rd Radio Tower

Have several more posts in the pipeline 
it has been a busy few weeks

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

New commuter

Picked up this 20inch bike as an urban commuter
needed something small and easy to transport and this fits the bill perfect

This bike is surprisingly super fun/nimble!

Monday, April 10, 2017

Bird Collage

About a year ago is when I put together my current camera rig
 since then I've seen a lot of birds. These 16 were all snapped in Kittitas County:

 Northern harrier, varied thrush, northern flicker, rough-legged hawk, turkey vulture,
 ruby-crowned kinglet, bald eagle, crested duck, ruffed grouse, 
great blue heron, nighthawk, cooper's hawk, gray jay, 
osprey, red-tailed hawk, and an American kestrel.

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

The birds are back in town

Osprey, must have got back just last week
They spend late fall to early spring in South America

Adult Cooper's Hawk
Seen off of Brown Rd. today

Saturday, April 1, 2017

Taneum Tango!

Headed west on the John Wayne Trail at sun up

Red-winged Black Bird

Rainbow over highway 10

A couple of turkeys

Great Horned Owl!

Pretty good camo
Was the smallest Great Horned Owl I've seen

having their brunch

Another rainbow, this time over Taneum Canyon

At the entrance to the canyon there are these beautiful hills

large herd of deer

lots of grazing

Icicle free

One of the only places I know with this much Skunk Cabbage

Already pretty fragrant

Almost stepped in this ant hill

no thanks

This guy was a lot faster

Really surprised with the amount of snow
this is just ~20mi west of Ellensburg

Turned around and decided to get some elevation

Some tricky terrain in bits

The road I came in on

You can see which way the wind blows

I went straight down! WHOAAA!
(april fools)

This was on the way down back into the canyon

Normally I can't ride over this stuff
but since the snow smashed down all the grass 
it was pretty smooth sailing

mud from when I took a small spill

Same deer, different lighting

For the last 20 miles home I had a 20-25mph tailwind!
I was cruising!
I use an app called Windy
it gives very accurate visualizations of the wind.

Coopers hawk

Another Coopers hawk 

The tailwind was intense

Durr Rd radio tower next!

59.16 miles and 4,352 FT of gain