Monday, May 1, 2017

Fat bike to Plus bike

I haven't been posting as much lately because the XWA is 12 days away!

I'll have a spot tracker so you can follow me in real time
maybe I'll see some of you as I cross this great state!

I've been accumulating parts for a year now and finally put it together:

Handmade custom framebags with embroidery

New multi-position cockpit and touring saddle

While the new wheels are skinnier, they are also taller
and after tonight's ride definitely much faster!

Changed the gearing up front from a 30 big ring to a 40
Higher top speeds with skinnier wheelset and aero cockpit

Underneath the lights my new handle bar roll fits perfect

Sunset tonight

My mobile home, better fuel economy, much more flexibility ;)

Photos below from the day before

It was filthy

my handlebar roll

Felt so good to put everything together!

Once those are full and a sleeping pad is on the back
it will look so at home

Looks great without stuff too!

Old vs new

Impatient don't want to wait for the next blog?
If you have any questions about the bike or event you can always email me :)

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