Wednesday, August 2, 2017

After work ride, 46.84 miles ~1000ft elevation

Almost had a great shot way earlier in the day
barely had time to grab the camera
Juvenile Great Horned Owl at take off

So velvety

After work just dashed onto the John Wayne Pioneer Trail

If you go back far enough on my blog
you can see that collapsed barn standing

I always get a hoot going through a tunnel

Can't believe all this haze is from Canada!

New campsites they installed are nice

This section is all along the Yakima, really pleasant

picked up a turkey feather

That's Peoh Point up there
You can see pictures from that ride just a few posts back

Those are bugs
My helmet has a visor, helped a lot.

Lonnnnnngggg shadows

Ran into fellow riders Megan & Steve on the way back out
It was the first time I've encountered anyone I've known on the trail
My brain was so not used to interaction! 😂
Was an amazing chance encounter, I remember when I left thinking
"Of course there is no one on the trail right now,
who else is crazy enough to ride in this triple digit smoky nonsense?!"
Well on 30 miles of the John Wayne apparently us 3!

It doesn't factor the tunnels, so elevation is closer to ~1,000ft
Mileage is the same

I really enjoy riding in the heat

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