Friday, August 4, 2017

Smoky Lion Rock

Wanted to do my favorite climb today
at 6,000+ feet I was hoping to escape the smoke

Redtails on irrigation, they love that

It got a little clearer the higher up I got 

Brought my melodica

On the way up

This plant in the center can be used for TP in a pinch 

Greener than the last time I saw you

~3 miles away, Lion Rock in the background
Elevation 6,360

Mountain Bluebird Feather

The best part is for last

Well. . . normally you can see Mt. Stuart and a lot of other mountains
Apparently 6300+ feet is not higher than the smoke
From what I saw, I think you need to be at 8,000ft

Relaxed, rehydrated, worked on a new sport

Well, I learned just how rough I can bang this up without suspension today

Was amazed at how well 29+ did for most of this

This is all the result of the Table Mountain fire a few years back


Fresh cougar track, no claw marks
nearly all cats have retractable claws except for Cheetahs and Fishing cats
Anyway, no claws makes for an easy ID, also the size etc.

In the last 100 years there has only been 1 human fatality in Washington from a Cougar.
Way more likely to get clobbered by a car on the road.

Unridable 4x4 nonsense, got turned around a little.

This place was incredible.

First Creek trail was new to me, first time in this area

Refilled, took a bath it was so hot
I had about 200ml of gatorade left before i hit this creek
Filled up everything

I was really tired of 4wd roads at this point
Super rough stuff.

Super steep stuff too

water bottle bracket broke from the percussion
so did my monopod, and a few other things
Really pushed the technical envelope today

This route is not repeatable
got turned around on to private roads towards the end

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