Sunday, October 22, 2017

JFA around PT

Port Townsend from Marrowstone Island

Alexis and I stayed at my parents house last night and explored here in the morning.

The following captures were achieved with my all-rounder lens:

Couldn't do anything without her in my corner.

Marrowstone Island is definitely worth another visit.
Really interesting low trafficked place.

Later in the afternoon went for a ride around the county.
Fort Warden to Fort Townsend

Definitely a salmonid of some kind.
Hard to tell in this area because there are coastal cutthroat, brown trout, and steelhead.

on the dock
(that crane that followed me here is in the right side of the frame)

Shiner perch (zoomed in)

(zoomed out)
The water out here is crystal clear.
Must have to do with the proximity to the strait

Two otters from Fort Townsend staring out at Port Townsend

Secret trail Bob showed me
Cuts from Fort Townsend to the Mill back to the Larry Scott Trail.

My setup has been pretty bulletproof lately!
The only remaining stock component is the crank/frame.

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