Saturday, October 28, 2017

Night Riding! Beach Riding! Crab Catching!

My first proper night ride out here!

The beach makes a surprisingly great training ground.
If you go too slow you can't get over the wet rocks
you also end up sinking in the sand.
Consequently you have to go pretty fast and it's jarring but great training.
Has improved my bike handling skills and my overall threshold for rough terrain.

Also, it's very fun to have an entire beach to yourself!

The Port Townsend Marine Science Center

Lamp bouncing off the UV filter lead to some great:

Love the lighthouse!

Fort Warden at night makes for some great fall riding

Deer are way creepier at night

Someone else is in the spirit!

Riding at night is good training too
If I want to be a competitive bikepacker it is a skill I must hone.

Fortunately Port Townsend is very conducive to night riding

back through the waterfront and home

Up and at em' the next morning!

Larry Scott Trail

Met Zana, called her owner!
Reunited and it felt so good.

I bought some gas station mashed potatoes and they steamed up my lens
Which worked out great, I love the glow around this beautiful horse

Horses have eyelashes too.

Buck has hops!

Steam peeling off this meadow, smell of the forest, fall is my season!

You can tell how many aperture blades a lens has by sun photos

Back towards the marina and beach

Mt. Baker

Same beach as the night before
This stretch is the smooth sailing part before after all the rocks

The tide was going out and this Bull Kelp was just waving in the current
reminded me of slow motion hair

Peeled this guy from underneath the dock
got a few concerned looks in my lycra suit

had to share though, absolutely wild animal!

The next day got to Bob's before sunrise to hit his thoughtfully crafted training loop!

Some views are worth getting up for!

Didn't get to take as many pictures as I'd like
We were really pushing it though, so no time!

If you ever come to Port Townsend
This is a great route!

Some go fast goodies for my next race rig!
All of this training in preparation is for this:

I plan to do this in 2018

"The Tour Divide is an annual mountain biking race traversing the length of the Rocky Mountains, from Canada to the Mexican border. Following the 2,745-mile (4,418 km) Great Divide Mountain Bike Route, it is an ultra-distance cycling race that is an extreme test of endurance, self-reliance and mental toughness. The race format is strictly self-supported, and it is not a stage race the clock runs continuously from the start until riders cross the finish line, more than two weeks later."

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