Thursday, October 12, 2017

Yesterday's explorations

There's a cafe in there!
Yesterday I had Bob show me some other cool spots of the city till about noon
afterwards I did a little more exploring solo, still so much to see!

Truthfully I was not impressed. 
Would rather have milled flax on strawberries.

The odds that I would find another plus bike rider
in a county of ~30,000 people
are pretty small.

The odds that I would have met him on an event with ~25 people
are even smaller.


Action shots from this you can see on the previous post

29x3 is an incredible tire, obstacles are optional.

This may be my favorite coffee shop of all time

Found my new solo project name 😂

Banana blueberry strawberry, great combo!
That little aluminum box to the left is my wallet

When I grew up in Everett this crane was on the waterfront.
They moved it, and now it's here!
This crane has been following me around. 

Banded Black Turnstone I think
It's going to be really fun snapping all these new animals!

Ginger is the name of bob's other bus.
We parted ways around ~1 and afterwards I explored a little more.

so many points!

I love riding through the waterfront it's filled with activity
hammers clanging, some serious mariners, lots of historic boats
certain parts of this town feel like a time machine

I don't carry a tripod, this shot was literally on the dock.

Blue herons are ~10-15% bigger out here than in Central Washington
Probably has to do with the table fare.

This was a remote controlled plane!
So detailed. 

I thought moose were only on the east side

Almost made it to glass beach, ran out of sand.

Brown stuff in the foreground and background is the same.
There's some huge healthy bull kelp forests around here.

You can actually harvest, chop, and pickle it!

(nutritional profile of dried bull kelp below)
15.3% protein, 1.3% crude fiber, 42.7% ash, 1.9% crude fat, and 38.8% carbohydrate

Belted Kingfisher is another example of a bird that is much larger here than Ellensburg.

Some of these birds migrate, some do not. 
I imagine with the abundant sunshine, beautiful scenery, and wonderful food 
this one is a resident.

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