Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Bunch of adventures etcetera!

A few weeks ago Alexis and I walked around Fort Townsend
Make sure you chew flax seeds well, other wise you don't get the nutrition

Eating your vegetables will change your life.

This Volvo has traversed the Rockies, the Arizona deserts, San Francisco etc!
Still kicking! It's been a great car, we've put 100,000mi+ on her together.

Last Sunday got the 6:30am boat to Whidbey to ride to Everett
Had to pack boots, electronics, and clothes.
Looks haphazard, but it was pretty solid for a day trip!

Early morning ferries are a treat, bike ticket was $3.85

Handheld shot of Mars

Caught blue hour!

Beautiful beach trail once on Whidbey

A glorious crescendo of color and light through the fog

fog cleared a little later

backlit Blue Heron

What a great state to reside in

Didn't take too many photos once on the highway
wanted to get done with that section expediently!

Waved at everyone I saw, only people in nice cars/teslas didn't wave back.

Some gorgeous farm land out there

Horn I made mating my bike pump to an air horn
120 decibels of traffic blasting safety!

A gorgeous Juvenile Common Loon

Another boat ride! This one was free!


Start your engines!

The Mukilteo waterfront
I have forged so many memories here, from childhood and beyond.

Convex mirror selfie

Forest Park

Total cost to get to Everett from Port Townsend: 3.85
nutrition was a leftover grilled cheese, a lot of nuts, and some gatorade

Spent a week in PDX for some Job training
can't share the details online, it was intense however!
Used my travel bike as a form of stress relief and worked wonders.
No matter how spun out I get, a bike ride is the quickest path to normalcy.

Once back in Port Townsend Bob, Tim and did some route scouting

My other bike was still in Everett so I borrowed Bob's beautiful 1983 GT
8 dollars at a garage sale, and it's a totally capable machine!

This country was settled on hardtack and guts
you don't always need the fanciest equipment to have an adventure.

We're working on a 100 mile Jefferson County off-road loop
Some places are impossible to tell on a map, so you just have to go out and see.
Sometimes you win, and sometimes you're just hiking your bike over stuff.
Either way you win really!

Next day Alexis and I did the 6 mile loop to Glass Beach

It was beautiful out!

Mt. Baker

Deer out here really pose for you.

Got up at 3:30am for some early morning training today.

Venus at the base of the Haller Steps
After this photo I lifted my bike over my head and walked up the stairs.

vintage pump in this window
want it, but wouldn't have a use for it.

When the sun came out, I had no words.
Well I did have words, and you can see that on the previous blog post.

No enhancement, the colors were mind blowing


Better picture of my horn with the handle fully extended.

Later in the day Bob and I finished the final touches on the loop.
This young Opossum was hiding in the bushes.

We're hitting this as a bikepacking trip next week with Shawn!
I imagine it will be quite the journey, looking forward to sharing it.

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