Thursday, November 30, 2017

Ride as often as possible.

Ride as often as possible.

Post XWA I formulated a question dictating whether I should ride or not, basically it goes like this: "Is this a condition I could possibly encounter bikepacking?" It's been very freeing in the sense that this philosophy has pushed me out the door in the extreme early morning, or pushed my rides later into the night. The realization is if I'm too tired before or after work to bike/run then I don't really have a hope of being competitive at this sport or as effective as I want to be anywhere else in my life. If the weather is bad, ride anyway! I can't even remember a time I've saddled up and got home and said "I regret doing that." Never, that's some of the huge beauty behind a bike ride.

I've spent many years on bikes, but only in the last ~6 months have I wanted to be fast on a bike. Prior to that I mainly used my bike as a recreational vehicle to get out there with my camera. Never really had the desire to go fast. I spent a lot of time in my granniest of gears plodding up long hills and it lured me into this false sense of accomplishment. Could crank out the distance, and the elevation, but never very swiftly. While I lost the weight I never really developed monster quads or calves. My rides/runs now are more focused on intensity rather than length and my musculature has followed suit.

I am running an incredibly clean ship these days, no meat, no caffeine, no booze, etc. It feels fantastic, like I've regained a few years of my life. My energy levels are stable throughout the morning well into the night. Individually none of my lifestyle changes would have really made an impact, but together they all work very synergistically. I feel very at peace with my mind/body/soul and a huge part of that is all the physicality.

Anyway, behind in blogging my adventures lately, but there's more to come!

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