Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Fat Bike Adventure to Winthrop!!

Had some volvo drama in the morning before I left,
but after some coercing and topping off the fluids she made it!

To be honest, I was ready to throw in the towel a couple times
Car didn't want to start, or shift out of 1st gear
When I left Ellensburg it was -10 degrees

Also a rear wheel drive car from the 80's isn't the best snow rig
but once on the highway, she performed great.

Outside of Wenatchee
I chose to add 17 minutes to the trip so I could avoid Blewett Pass

Initially I was going to camp, but it was just way too cold
Seriously cold in the Methow Valley

Room was rustic enough, still felt like camping
Plus having ample supplies proved handy a few times

Camo lamp

First ride was at night at Pearrygin Lake State Park
(photo by Methow Fatbike)

Burn ban, but still a fun fire 
(photo by Methow Fatbike)

For balancing my camera on my helmet and a glove,
I'm pretty happy with this long exposure shot.
Horizon isn't level, but it was pitch black and I couldn't see a thing.

On the bridge on the way home.
Rode to and from the park from the hotel room
It was so quiet, and the moon was bright
An incredible cycling experience to say the least.

When I got back, I was ravenously hungry
but nothing was open, thank goodness for camping supplies!
Sorry mixed berry marmalade, but you're only my second favorite Dana.

No kitchen in the room, but I packed my own.

Tortilla, egg, cheese hit the spot!

Same lake, just in the day time!

So much fun, and so cool to meet other fat bikers!

Getting ready for the group photo!

(Photo by Methow Fatbike)

(Photo by Methow Fatbike)

((Photo by Methow Fatbike [Steve Mitchell])
I found that the perfect amount of layers is 3 when riding in
5-15 degrees 

First time on groomed trails, and what a treat.
A groomed trail is one that has been set down by machines or people before hand.
Keeps a nice packed line so you can keep up speed and travel further.
Just too much fun!

This noodle of a path was insanely fun!

On a bike in the snow is an experience I recommend all of you seek out.

Once again, so cool to ride with some great people!

This path was my favorite
Around the lake, through a forest, just felt absolutely surreal!
At points I was like, am I really doing this? 
Am I on a bike in the snow in a forest circling a frozen lake?

Just look at that! 

You know it's cold when the river freezes

rode back into Winthrop to Explore

I've never had a bad time in the Methow

So proud of both of these vehicles!

#fatbike #needforswede

Used a door jam, a melodica case, and some clever balancing to dry out my footwear.

This "Freshtable" pizza was amazing!
Ate half, and there was an SVU marathon on
and I fell asleep immediately!

Salad came with no silverware, but once again my camping gear came through.

So cold, I had two balaclavas on!

snow snow snow snow!

For the price, this place was the best!

My 50mm lens surprises me everytime. 
This is dusk, no tripod, no vibration control
The amount of information it captured is insane!


Such a charming town

There is a river under that sheet of ice

Thawing out the volvo for the ride home

Again, so proud of this car.
It has taken Alexis and I across a 1/3rd of the US, over the Rockies
and just last weekend it took myself 400 miles through the interior of Washington State,
in the dead of winter.

There was a 40 track Beatles CD that was the perfect soundtrack for the way home.
Car may be old, but the Stereo is pretty new, and very loud! 
(two 6x9's sound great in this brick)

Made it home safe, and was so thankful for every minute of this trip.

Special thanks to:


All the folks who groomed the trails, and everyone I met up with!
Nice to meet other people that are crazy enough to ride a bike in the snow,
and relish every minute of it!

Truly an incredible weekend.