Monday, January 23, 2017

Little bit of the John Wayne, a lot of Irene Rinehart

John Wayne is only ridable for 3 miles east of CWU right now

So I elected to goto Irene Rinehart instead!

Love this park, not a lot of wildlife this time though. . .
Which is unusual, I usually see one of everything it seems.

But it's really close so I can always visit again

Blue Heron prints are so massive!

Hard to get the scale, but they're huge

Canada goose!

Nice to see the mountains out today!

Derailleur cable turned icicle

Thank goodness for fenders, was slushy!

This bus is so ripe for a restomod.

Army crawled to capture this male Northern Flicker.
Camera was maybe an inch off the ground!
#terrestrial #woodpecker

Our cat family in pendant format 
(2 brothers and a golden mom)