Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Out past Springwood Ranch

Started a lentil soup before I left
I can't say enough good things about lentil soup

Northern Harrier

Warmest ride since October
really put into perspective how long winter was
first time this year I just needed one layer and no gloves

leftovers from the other day for lunch

Don't photograph fish that often
that grey cloud is a school of them

they were in this irrigation ditch

So green this time of year

Springwood Ranch

Along the Yakima River on the John Wayne Trail

Bald Eagle on the River

Landed in another tree
Wind Turbine in the background

Tunnel 47 is closed till mid April spoke to the foreman

Everything in this picture
was once owned by the founder of Black Angus


Turkey feather
I like the grass growing through it

Feels great to be thawed out

Cool little crack in the rocks

Some deer on the way home

Soups on

26.34 miles primarily on the John Wayne
Smoothest the trail has been since October