Tuesday, May 23, 2017

I can officially say physically and mentally I don't think I've felt more robust than I do right now. Working on 1200 photos from this trip to share. It was the most grueling thing I've ever done. There were borderline hyperthermic moments, tons of last minute clutch saves, there was a 22 HOUR day/night w/Shawn Pedersen from Hyak to Wenatchee over Colockum Pass through the night! Hundreds of miles off-road, gravel, singletrack, bone-chilling terrifying descents, miles of HAB through snow, every form of weather you can imagine and the steepest grades this state has to offer.

For 7 days I got to live out of bike bags, off of mountain water, diners, and gas stations, push myself further out of my comfort zone than I thought was possible, push my bike beyond it's limit, battle every outdoor element you can imagine, all while trying to wipe the biggest grin off my face. This is the only event I've entered and haven't finished and I couldn't feel more lucky/thankful/accomplished or happy with my performance. Like when fellow adventurer Bob Heim quoted Robert Browning while climbing through the Olympics - "A man's reach should exceed his grasp." For me that quote is this trip encapsulated. Bike is already up on the rack, have my XWA trail notes with me, already gearing up for the next Bikepacking adventure. 

More details and photos soon!