Friday, July 14, 2017

Frog boiler

Went up and on top of Naneum canyon

Mission Peak on the right, really close!
Was 95 degrees, and I was running out of water

It got pretty steep right towards the end
this entire route just got steeper, rougher, and hotter
Once in the burn zone, no shade, it was hot!

Facing south

so steep

Mt. Stuart looks much pointier from this side

Stark colors, bright yellow green, black and white
and a great big blue sky today

Moved the garmin with a mount off the aerobar
really easy to read and access placement

The lower the elevation, the lusher the forest gets

This is the start of another burn zone

Rock and Roll!

Didn't see a single person, got so far I didn't even see beer cans

interesting topography

Herd of elk really surprised me
Was dead silent then branches breaking everywhere!

Really hard to get a picture, at least a dozen though

Really rough roads

Was so hot dipped in there for a second on the way out 
and on the way home