Friday, July 28, 2017

73 miles, 6,000 feet.

Left at 8:00 a.m. 
had 3 bananas, 4 scoops of protein powder, 1 scoop instant coffee
2 carnation instant breakfasts blended with ice for breakfast

Cashews, cheese, trail mix, gummy bears, fruit jellies, an apple
two frozen 400 calorie bean+cheese wraps (these were amazing)
and a bread/cheddar sandwich as ride food

I also carried one water bottle that was just gatorade
I used powdered gatorade so it equaled about 4 liters of gatorade concentrated to 1
This way I could keep my electrolytes in check and just filter water as I went
worked out really well, just kept water in the other bottles

Notice how blue haha
I took a lot of video and will post that soon

The map is on the bottom, but the route was huge
I wasn't taking my time either, I am focusing on becoming fast.

Really happy with that straw in that bottle
Best hands free hydration system ever

New Jersey
It's a gas station (very bikepacking)
and it's a team that was huge from around when I was born
(see below)

Wonder if that is the same dude

Never been deeper in the Wenatchee National Forest than today



Catching some shade

I did not filter from Taneum Lake
There was a really nice creek I'll show you on the video
But between these 3 bottles/bag it was the perfect amount
I refilled often as it was 90+ degrees
Even though this route was in the forest, not a lot shade
Would be better later or much earlier in the day

Almost to the top

I wasn't prepared for such a great view!

Hard to grasp the scale with my lens

But this focal length is about how big it looked in person

Facing the other direction Mt. Stuart 

Going back down was a relief
It was hot and a serious climb to get to this point

Manastash Canyon

The video will highlight the whole trip, I am seriously pooped!

Nutrition was perfect today
I feel more confident in my cycling abilities than ever before
This has been a tremendous year of growth.